Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Goin' Up!

So, we're building a house, again! It's quite exciting really, it just adds a little more stress to my life (that is so not needed right now), which means that my gray hair will begin sooner, ulcers are already forming and I'm eating more chocolate than usual. But, as everyone keeps telling me, it'll all be worth it and it's just temporary! :) This picture is a little outdated. We've now got a roof, a garage and Tyvek everywhere.

 My mind has just been going with ideas I want. Someone at work recently told me, "How fun that you can build your dream house!".  Well, yes and no and more no than yes. Building my "dream house" would require a significant amount of more funds, but we're going to have an amazing house, which I am extremely excited for!

More so, I'm excited to have land. To those that have not lived the country life, it means walking outside in your sports bra and not thinking twice, having your son run around outside with no clothes on like it's a nudist colony, and mainly, just having privacy. I don't want my neighbors to gossip about me because I never water my flowers (like I did about other people in Waukee:) or that we didn't lower the deck low enough on our lawn more. I just want to chill, hear locusts outside and watch lightening bugs (something I've truly missed since moving into town). And the biggest win of all.... I can have horses again! I'll be able to keep them in shape so I can become more competitive. It'll be awesome!

So, now to the fun stuff! Here are a couple little projects on my dream list that may or may not get added.

 I found these super cool faux wood beams online. I forwarded this to our builder to see what magic he can make and if in the end, they'll make sense for our budget. Because of our open floor plan, I think they'd be cool throughout the living area and kitchen. We'll see.

So, I've got a new Etsy site I'm obsessed with. It's Junk Art Gypsy and they make some vintage-looking marquee signs that make me want to go crazy! I'm thinking a red lighted arrow above my kitchen cupboards would be sweet!

Then, look at this amazing buy I snagged this weekend when on our way home from my niece's bachelorette party. We swung into an antique shop and I got this new, mohair pillow. I've been looking for a mohair/angora pillow like this for my living room for a long time! When I brought it home to show Jake, I figured he's say, "How much did you buy that for?... waste of money..." But instead, to my surprise, he said, "Cool, it looks like a sheep!" Ahh, I love my farm boy:)

Next on my list is paint colors. I'm so happy to have a friend who is an interior design queen!

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  1. It's going up FAST! Hope you are ready for some weekend guests once you move in :)

    And you totally are the type to be naked outside and not water your flowers...before we know it little Joe will be peeing outside (if he hasn't already!) red red red red red red red red redneck :)

    I kid...!


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