Monday, April 8, 2013

Public Perception Problems

Due to having a blog, I have the right to vent frustrations and a platform to do it. Although this article has nothing to do with western fashion, it's related to the equine industry as a whole and very important for the public to be aware...

Photo courtesty of the Associated Press
Since the closing of the last horse harvest facility in the United States in 2007, animal activists think they've won and they're doing a service by saving animals. However, the complete opposite has actually happened.

The American Society of Animal Science came out with a great article defining what has actually happened due to our slaughterhouses being shut down. You can find that article here.

Many people outside of the horse industry have no idea how important slaughter houses are for the humane treatment of horses in the United States. Research shows that:
  • Rescue groups do not have the resources to handle the new, unwanted horse population.
  • Kill horses are now being sent to Canada and Mexico and they cannot handle the demand.
  • Horses are being abused by traveling out of country due to the longer transport times, stress and dehydration.
  • Mexican humane standards are of great concern; therefore horses are not being humanely treated as they cross borders.
  • Horse abandonment is torturous for horses. Many die of dehyradtion or starvation, are attacked by predators such as mountain lions and for those that find a wild herd (more out West), other horses ostracize or even kill.
It's such a huge problem and unfortunately the animal rights groups are the ones with the dollars to push these ridiculous agendas.

Save the horses = Save the horse harvest facilities

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