Monday, April 15, 2013

Color Frenzy!

Color is everywhere in jeans! It takes me back to the early 90's when Rockies were popular. They came in every color of the rainbow too.

The difference between now and 1994 is that they're a little lower rise and much skinnier. Now obviously, these jeans are not competition jeans, mainly because of the skinny fit towards the bottom. They're not made for going over boots.

I love these three colors below. They're from Wrangler's Booty Up line. They are made of 98% cotton with 2% spandex and feature a slim fit, ultra low rise and five pocket styling. This style hugs your curves and has built-in darts to lift and define your booty. I'm personally a fan of these jeans, minus the boots. I know it's a little hypocritical since I wear tall, casual boots outside of my jeans all of the time, but with cowboy boots, it's different. I see it sometimes in the queening world and I just cannot embrace it. It's just a personal choice. To me, it feels a little yuppy.

Now Panhandle Slim has a line called, Rock & Roll Cowgirl, which has cute colored jeans that fit slightly different in the leg. I can see more versatility out of this jean. This jean looks good with a boot and will elongate your leg. This jean would also look spectacular with a high heel. It would be fun to wear a colored heel, like a hot pink one with this turquoise jean below. I also love the back pockets on these too.

Both of these styles of jeans can be found on Langton's website. They've also got a great western fashion blog too. Check it out at

Unfortunately, the Panhandle Slim jeans are running in the $79 range, while the the Wrangler's above are in the $57 range. Both are too pricy, in my opinion, for a colored jean. These are special jeans that do not have a lot of adaptability. I can get a similar jean at Kohl's or Younkers in the junior section for no more than $25 (in fact, I have).

So, love the direction Wrangler and Panhandle, just not the price.

Have a great, colorful day!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Public Perception Problems

Due to having a blog, I have the right to vent frustrations and a platform to do it. Although this article has nothing to do with western fashion, it's related to the equine industry as a whole and very important for the public to be aware...

Photo courtesty of the Associated Press
Since the closing of the last horse harvest facility in the United States in 2007, animal activists think they've won and they're doing a service by saving animals. However, the complete opposite has actually happened.

The American Society of Animal Science came out with a great article defining what has actually happened due to our slaughterhouses being shut down. You can find that article here.

Many people outside of the horse industry have no idea how important slaughter houses are for the humane treatment of horses in the United States. Research shows that:
  • Rescue groups do not have the resources to handle the new, unwanted horse population.
  • Kill horses are now being sent to Canada and Mexico and they cannot handle the demand.
  • Horses are being abused by traveling out of country due to the longer transport times, stress and dehydration.
  • Mexican humane standards are of great concern; therefore horses are not being humanely treated as they cross borders.
  • Horse abandonment is torturous for horses. Many die of dehyradtion or starvation, are attacked by predators such as mountain lions and for those that find a wild herd (more out West), other horses ostracize or even kill.
It's such a huge problem and unfortunately the animal rights groups are the ones with the dollars to push these ridiculous agendas.

Save the horses = Save the horse harvest facilities

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Earring Blow-Out!

Make sure to visit Krazy Cowgirl's Facebook page for a HUGE earring sale! All listed earrings are only $5.95 plus shipping! What a deal! Check it out here:

Below are a few in the collection. Hot.. Hot.. Hot!!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Move on Chevron?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Little Joe loved his Easter presents and hunting for eggs.

I'm also writing this blog in sadness as over the last week, we lost my pleasure mare to colic. It's such a sad thing. She was a cranky thang at times, but very stunning. She will be missed. This was a video of her from a couple of years ago.

On a lighter note and moving forward with positive energy, it's finally beginning to feel more like spring, which gets me more in the mood to wear fun dresses and skirts! If you've been on Pinterest lately, probably the hottest thing going.. with everything... is chevron. I'm a fan. But combine that with a maxi shirt and BAM! You're the hottest thing since pantyhose, roller skates or email:)!

I found this website when surfing the web. I have no idea how I got there, but I'm glad I did! They're a cute little store in Utah called The Nest On Main and they sell adorable things at a resonable cost. When I say reasonable, I really mean it. I'll admit it, I'm cheap. I only buy "deals". When I walk into a store, I always bee-line to the back clearance racks. My mom taught me well. I just purchased this skirt above in black and white. It's adorable, it shipped really fast and I paid under $20 bucks for it. Seriously! I think it's going to look real cute with a tight colored tank and some chunky jewelry and cowboy boots. I'll post pics.

I also am a fan of the website Modern Vintage Boutique. They're very trendy and have unique things for happenin' ladies. Again, chevron is everywhere, so embrace it my friends! (This dress above is crazy cute.) It would also look adorable with the below Krazy Cowgirl, "You've Got My Heart" pink purse.

I want to share with you a must-have website and daily email. If you haven't signed up for, you're crazy. It's free for heavens sakes. That have daily boutique deals that are amazing. If you have little ones, especially little girls, you'll love this site. Everything they have is truly a deal...many times under $10. They usually have 8-10 items on sale that day and everything from jewelry, clothing or monogrammed anything! One of their items last week was this chevron table runner for $11.95. Check it out!

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