Monday, October 29, 2012

Sorry, No Camo Rings- But I've Got Something Even Better!

Happy Monday! Recently, I've been getting a lot of requests for camouflage wedding rings. Within the last month, I've literally gotten probably 15 phone calls or emails asking about them. I wish I was an actual jeweler and worked with precious metals because if I was, I'd have a few more diamonds on my hands. I believe people have found me because months ago, I wrote a blog about camo rings. I just thought they were pretty cool. So, I apologize to everyone looking my way for the rings. However, who needs a camo wedding ring? Get your pretty lady a KrazyCowgirl necklace!

The holidays are fast approaching, so do your Christmas shopping now! Take a look at this silver and turquoise bronc set.
The above pendant is magnetic, so you can wear it on another necklace or wear the above red, yellow and black necklace on it's own.

Although the colors did not come through as they should've, this turquoise red and black chip necklace is stunning with a little zebra. This cross pendant is also magnetic making a lot of functionality out of one piece.

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