Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Chaps

One of the most fun parts about my position as the Iowa High School Rodeo Queen Coordinator is that I get to make some designing decisions. I'm looking at getting some new trophy chaps made for the queen. These chaps need to hold up to mud, dust and years of wear. 

After talking to Carey Veach today with Veach's Custom Leather Goods out of Ankeny, he gave me some great ideas and things to think about. 

Something I have to keep in mind, although it would be fun to get real creative and do some fun colors, these are chaps that are passed down to numerous queens. So, we need something that's versatile and that will go with a lot of outfits. 

It is actually hard to find just chaps pictures online for ideas, but I did come across a few that I like parts of. 
I thought hide-on chaps would be flashy and hopefully, a little different. I've been told that they wear the same as smooth leather would (as long as you're careful); however, they do cost a little more. The maker has to purchase an entire cowhide and there is quite a bit of waste- hence the rise in cost. I also really like the stars on this one.

I copied this one above becuase of the simplicity of the design and the  fact that it would go with a lot of outfits. The queen always carrys the American flag, so any variation of red,white and blue will look great. 

The last two pairs (and only pairs) of high school chaps have been a white base with red and blue accents. That's why I'm thinking about trying something different.

Although the cut of these chaps are really weird, I was looking only at the writing and the leather work. A good piece of advice I was given about metallic leather though, is that does not wear well. Metallics rub off. So, if we could have metallic leather in some sections, that would be wiser.

I pasted this picture because of the blue leather. The more I look at it, the more I'm not a fan. What do you think?

So, I'm open to ideas. I can't get too crazy, because of the cost. However, if cost was not a factor- what would be your dream pair of chaps? Thanks for the help!

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