Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cold Shenanigans

So, last week was interesting... it started with elephants. I wish I could have snapped a better picture on my phone, but there were two elephants outside my office. They were promoting the circus that was in town over lunch time. I would have gone outside for a closer picture but it was ridiculously cold out, so I settled for an indoor shot. You get the idea.

Then on Saturday, I judged a horse show and drove down to Albia to continue the artic freeze in a treestand. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck. I only seen a couple of does and didn't have a shot at those.

Jake, my cameraman for the weekend (stud muffin, I know). 
While in the tree one morning, I did something I've never seen live before... bobcats! I seen a mom and three of her cubs. That was a cool experience. Jake made a video blog of his weekend and at 3:00 into the blog, you see the video of them. (You can fast forward his talking to that part.)
Then early this week, little Joe had a big milestone... he rolled over! Jake's been out of town for the majority of the week, so I'm glad he was able to see it before he left. Last night, I tried getting a picture of him so I could send to Jake and the little booger is so good and fast at rolling over now, I barely had time to take his picture when he was on his belly. He's such a cute little stink.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I have some better stories about hunting- more successful stories:). Wish me luck!

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