Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Cows

I was just reading a ridiculous article about a settlement with an organic milk company who had false advertisements on their label. Apparently there were people in more than 30 states who felt defrauded because they purchased milk from Aurora Dairy and their labels depicted cows that were happily grazing on lush pasture and in some cases, a family farm scene. (OH NO!) In reality, the animals were living in large-scaled farm conditions and to organic consumers, this is offending...

Are you kidding me? There are so many reasons why I just want to donkey punch these people. The main thing that comes to mind is that, wow, people are still "sue happy". The other aspect is the radical people out there who are against farms. Granola munchers.. I'm sure you are soooo educated. Your type usually is. However, it's time you get a life, get some fresh air and talk with someone in the agriculture field. You obviously have no clue where your food comes from and don't have a bigger clue what would  happen if that all went away. 

Speaking of where your food comes from, take a look at this Cyclone Nice video. It's about how awesome Iowa State is. It's a hoot. If you haven't seen the original Iowa Nice video, it's even funnier. I have a special appreciation for it as these are the stereotypes I battle daily with trying to sell Des Moines. I attached them both for your viewing pleasure. Go Cyclones!

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  1. gah! This drives me crazy! IF everyone would just grow up on a farm in Iowa then folks would really know what the heck goes on! Petes people! CIRCLE OF LIFE!


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