Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be Bold!

I judged an open horse show last weekend and I'm always excited to see what people are wearing and that show was no exception. I would say overall, I didn't see anything real crazy. The big collar and big cuffs are still quite "in" along with colorful choices. I guess that goes for everything these days. (Have you noticed the neon running shoes in stores? I love them!) For those that show a lot, I also noticed colorful chaps, which are fun.

One thing that I was dissapointed with is the men's shirt choices. I don't want to see a male in rhinestones; however, when the women are glammed up, I would expect to see guys in something more than a blah-looking plaid.

I started looking online for a couple of minutes at a couple of websites to point out what I find stunning.

This purple top is something that caught my eye on Hobby Horse's website. I'm a sucker for purple. I think the swirls on this top are striking. The problem with Hobby Horse apparel is that anyone could have your same shirt, since they're mass produced, and it's all about being unique and standing out.
This was a unique top I saw on I think these colors and pattern are eye-catching.

If you're willing to spend some chang' you'll love the creations from They make beautiful shirts and jackets. One top could set you back about $4,000, but they sure are pretty!

If you're looking for a new arena top and you can sew or you know someone who can sew, that would be a blessing! You'll save quite a bit of money too. Find out what looks best with your coloring, your hair color and your horse's color. Then, look for ideas online of patterns you are inspired from and go from there. Just remember, the idea is to stand out and for judges to take a second look at you. So be bold! 

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