Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's Cool

I'll tell you what's cool.. the Kentucky Headhunters. Where in the heck have they been all of these years? If you're not familiar (or probably under 35), they're an awesome country-rock band. I remember listening to them when I was younger and now that I listen to Pandora Radio everyday at work, I decided to put them in my search. Gosh, I forgot how awesome they were. Cross Canadian Ragweed reminds me a ton of their style, if you know them. I happened to get on their website today and seen that they're coming to Iowa in July! I would love to take them in.
Other cool things:
Cash Mobs- I first heard of it on the Today Show the other morning. You know about Flash Mobs- people in a public place that just break out in a choreographed dance? Well, a Cash Mob is similar, yet no dancing. All at one time, a group of people show up at a local business and spend money. I love this idea! Do you think I could have a Cash Mob at my house and have people buy my Krazy Cowgirl stuff that's in tubs in my basement?

CyHawk Trophy- For those of you not from Iowa, you may not be aware of the insane rivalry between Iowa Start University and that other Iowa school... (University of Iowa). To some up what the CyHawk Trophy is, it's obviously the trophy that goes to the school that wins this heated football game every year. Why it's specifically cool, is that this year my brother, John (Kettle) had one of the renderings for the new trophy! This was a huge honor. His was #2. Although it looks as though the #1 may pull through in the end, it's still pretty stinkin cool. Check out his stuff here.
This is one John's recent works that he sold. Not the psychedelic flowers in the back, but the three-piece painting.

Jaco Brands- This is the hottest brand right now in the rodeo world. They are unique because they have a cool look about their tack. It's a printed, vintage look. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more of this type of style in the next year or so from other companies. I don't personally have any of their stuff, but I wonder how that look holds up, because I think it's just sprayed on, not etched in the leather. Either way, it's neat stuff.

Have a great week everybody!

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