Thursday, May 24, 2012


Camo is the word of the day today because it relates to a few different aspects of my life as of right now.
This video just fits in well:)

This weekend, we're planning on heading down to LJS for some fishing, fall deer scouting and to get my tan on. It's suppose to be around 90 on Sunday, so I'm actually kind of excited about that. I'm just not looking forward to the nasty ticks that seem to follow me everywhere! Yuck! Seriously, what purpose to those blood-sucking things have in this ecosystem?!

Then, Jake called me today about an opportunity he's working on for his blog. He's talked to a few different important people in the hunting world and it's exciting what might come end up developing. I'll keep you posted on that. By the way, if you don't follow his blog, check it out at

Then, it just so happens that I ran across this website today that I had to share with you. The website is called Camo Ring. At first I got a giggle out of the rings, but the more I looked at them, they're actually pretty cool. I know of quite a few people who might have bought these rings for their wedding day. You just don't see these at your local Roger's or Jared's...

So, if you dig these rings, you'll love this purse called "Big Buck Down" on The two would go great together:) Check it out!


  1. where can you get the pink camo rings?

  2. I don't sell them, but does.


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