Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Firsts

Tonight after work I had a few firsts... I had my first virgin martini and I learned a few things about the Civil War that I must have slept through in high school. I know, two very random things...

So the mission was to attend the State Historical Museum for a grand opening event of a new exhibit called, "Iowa and the Civil War- Nothing But Victory". It was a nice affair. There was food, drink and Governor Branstad spoke. One thing about Branstad is that he's everywhere! It's really neat to see him out in the community so much. In fact, did you happen to see him yesterday on the news at Iowa State University's campus with his "Dude, It's Beef" t-shirt? The gathering was to support the beef industry and to help educate and stop the outrage of pink slime. It made me proud to see the Governor in ISU colors with those words.

Going back to Civil War history... I'm serious, where was I in high school? I guess those were the classes where my friends and I were passing notes and clearly paying no attention. Anyway, it was interesting to see some of the pieces from the war that Iowan's had brought back, war artifacts that have been dug up over the years and learning a few fascinating stories.

What was fun to hear was a story Branstad actually mentioned when he was on the podium about a letter he received his first term in office from the Governor of South Carolina. Apparently, the South Carolina Governor found out that some Iowa veterans from the Civic War had stolen the South Carolina flag during one of the battles. Well, more than 100 years later, the letter said that the state of South Carolina wanted their flag back! Brandstad told the South Carolina Governor that we'd never give the flag back; however, we'd let them borrow it temporally for display. The Governor mentioned tonight how because of this new exhibit, it's probably time we get our flag back again.

Which brings me back to a new joint in Des Moines we tried out before heading to the museum. It's called the Lime Lounge and it's a martini bar in the East Village. It's a cute joint, which I could see getting really crazy with the DJ spinning records on the weekends. I had the bartender make me a virgin Raspberry Lemon Twist. It had raspberry puree, fresh squeezed lemon and and I think he substituted sprite instead of vodka. It was delish!  

So, I experienced two new firsts tonight that I would both recommend.


  1. you must take me on some of your exciting outings! You always find the cool know...the place where the cool kids hang :)

  2. P.S. the security words I had to type to post my comment were "schweet nutts"


    Inappropiate, I know, but I couldn't help myself!

    1. HAAAA! Only for you would "schweet nutts" pop up!


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