Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Shapes of Time

Don't ask me how, but I somehow landed on the Miss Rodeo Colorado website while searching for queen things. They had a nice layout of all of their MRC Queens over the years (I deleted a few of the rows to save on space). When I was glancing at the pictures below, I thought it was fun and funny to look at the different styles of cowboy hats over the years and how they've changed. When I see old pictures of my sister's showing horses, I think how in the world did they wear what they did?! But apparently, they were some-what in, because after looking at these pictures, it all makes sense. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the style in the next ten years or so, because there are only so many ways a hat can be made and from looking at the pictures, every which-way has already been done. Gosh, I hope the style doesn't go back to what it used to be in the 70's.. Yikes! Do any of these hat pictures below bring back memories for you? (Check out Miss 1975... I believe those are shoestrings in her pig-tails. Nice...Then, there is Miss 1967... I'm confused, did her horse step on her hat?...)

2010 Kasie Pigg

2009 Audra Dobbs

2008 Megan Grieve

2003 - Christy Spurlock Draper

2002 - Addie Knowlton Haynes

2001 - Allison Munger Salo

2000 - Tara Graham Rowe

1999 - Aubrey Williams Hill

1998 - Aspen Emmett

1997 - Stacy Reid Basinger

1996 - Sara Boensch Collins

1991 - Ginger Greene

1990 - Lori Shalberg

1989 - Kimber Greene

1988 - Mandy Wheatley Wolfe

1987 - Kellei Dilka Lambert Brandon

1986 - Kris Wilder Hall

1985 - Taleen Jenkins Vick

1984 - Kym Cooper Radosta

1983 - Vanette Ruzanski Benesch

1982 - Jill Lovelace Williams

1981 - Kimberley Nogel Mazza

1980 - Kathy Martin Colletti

1975 - Vicki Hallmark Hughes

1974 - Janine Hiatt Walter

1973 - DeAnna Swetzig

1972 - Yvonne Ann Winter Billingsley

1971 - Gail Hughes Anderson

1970 - Janet Donley Spanier

1968 - Kathleen Flinn

1967 - Jerry Bond Draper

Now, to something that looks just right....These are called One Bowl Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes  and I found them on the blog, Something Swanky. I plan to make these ASAP!


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