Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shed Hunting Adventures

We had a pretty good time last weekend when we went shed hunting at LJS Hunting Lodge in Albia, Iowa. My parents recently bought Ella... the sweetest black lab dog you'll ever find! She also happens to be a shed hunting dog. For those not familiar, she is trained to find deer antlers out in the wild unknown! Unfortunately, it just so happened to snow about four inches the night before we went out looking for sheds. So, needless to say, it was difficult. In fact, poor Ella didn't have a chance to even find one! Once we got up to the house, we planted a few sheds around an area and she found them. So, she's certainly got it in her!
I tried getting a picture of both Ella and my dad in the Polaris, but as you see, it was impossible.
 Huntin' away!
This is when we hid sheds for her to make sure it wasn't just her on why we couldn't find any. I'm hoping in the next two weeks, all of the antlers will be shed from bucks and the snow will be melted. I'll keep you posted of our findings!

My boss recently asked me what my parents do with all of the sheds that are found. Well, at this point, a ton of them are sitting really pretty on their fireplace at the lodge. However, it got me thinking, what other fun things could be done with antlers? If we had a ton of not so desirable antlers that you wouldn't mind destroying or experimenting with, you could really have some fun!
A wine rack would be both beautiful and functional.

This chandelier will be in my dream house.

These are an interesting concept for earrings. They are the antlers shaved into thin pieces and made into jewelry. They're sort of neat, but then again, the bone isn't the most beautiful thing to look at when it's cut like that.

Well... to be continued!

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