Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shed Hunting Adventures

We had a pretty good time last weekend when we went shed hunting at LJS Hunting Lodge in Albia, Iowa. My parents recently bought Ella... the sweetest black lab dog you'll ever find! She also happens to be a shed hunting dog. For those not familiar, she is trained to find deer antlers out in the wild unknown! Unfortunately, it just so happened to snow about four inches the night before we went out looking for sheds. So, needless to say, it was difficult. In fact, poor Ella didn't have a chance to even find one! Once we got up to the house, we planted a few sheds around an area and she found them. So, she's certainly got it in her!
I tried getting a picture of both Ella and my dad in the Polaris, but as you see, it was impossible.
 Huntin' away!
This is when we hid sheds for her to make sure it wasn't just her on why we couldn't find any. I'm hoping in the next two weeks, all of the antlers will be shed from bucks and the snow will be melted. I'll keep you posted of our findings!

My boss recently asked me what my parents do with all of the sheds that are found. Well, at this point, a ton of them are sitting really pretty on their fireplace at the lodge. However, it got me thinking, what other fun things could be done with antlers? If we had a ton of not so desirable antlers that you wouldn't mind destroying or experimenting with, you could really have some fun!
A wine rack would be both beautiful and functional.

This chandelier will be in my dream house.

These are an interesting concept for earrings. They are the antlers shaved into thin pieces and made into jewelry. They're sort of neat, but then again, the bone isn't the most beautiful thing to look at when it's cut like that.

Well... to be continued!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring Trends and Brooks n' Dunn

Spring is on it's way! Well, almost anyway. As I put on my clothes for work today, I was reminded how drab I feel in this red sweater. It's a sweater for gosh sakes and not figure flatering, which makes me not like my look today and reminds me of warmer days..

I actually purchased a short-sleeved shirt online yesterday I thought you might get a kick out of, because Jake thought it was hilarious. Not too often is Jake telling me that I HAVE to buy an article of clothing, but this was a must. My sis pointed it out to me online. Our boy is going to be stylin' in it.

But speaking of short sleeves and since I'm still in this ugly red sweater, I want to show you this spring's continued trends in casual western wear.

It all comes down to pattern. Sometimes, the funkier and colorful the design, the better. Below are a couple I really like from www.nrsworld.com.
I actually have the tee right below. This is one that I bought in Denver.

Okay, now this brings me back to circa 1992. Now I know what everyone has been talking about when they say that their old clothes are now "in". I'm starting to get to that age (sad face). This picture below is literally from a new line from Drysdales. The funny is thing is that they're charging $59 for it!  I'm pretty sure they didn't update the model or picture. AYE CARUMBA! What is that on her belt?!
Gosh, I remember when Brooks and Dunn made the American flag shirt popular, along with the famous, "flames" shirt. Guys and girls alike all wanted these two shirts and I was one of them! Wow. Long story short, it looks like this early 90's look is coming back sooner than I thought. When Jake and I was in Vegas this last December for the NFR, I did have a booth tell me that woman's jeans are going to a higher rise again, which is depressing.

So ladies, at this point, If I saw you in a flames or a full-on American flag western shirt, I wouldn't quite think you're a "trend setter" yet. Don't get me wrong, I love stars, stripes and the colors of red and blue; however, if it looks like Betsy Ross sewed your shirt, I'll probably just make fun of you....at least for now.

Something else I wanted to point out was the rising popularity in dog tag necklaces. I actually just got one for myself a few weeks ago at a little shop in Des Moines. I bought the ball chain and picked out three charms to go on it. (I thought it could maybe be a right-off for tax purposes:)) Watch on www.krazycowgirl.com soon for my new inspiration!

Here are a few others I saw on National Roper's Supply that I liked.

Well, until next time!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Relax and Unwind

Lately, I've been finding myself overwhelmed. Although this isn't the Dr. Phil show and you're not my shrink, I will not get into detail why my life is like living in a dream right now; however, everyone reading this can agree with me that there are times where you are just full of being overwhelmed and stressed. Usually, a quick fix to this problem is wine or my sister Sara's favorite, tequila. But, since my doctors have advised me not to get wasted too often now that I have a little monster growing inside of me, I have to turn to more "healthy" alternatives.

At my work, we have a wellness program and we get points for going to classes outside of work. A few weeks back I went to a relaxation class. It literally took everything I had not to burst out laughing during the 20 minutes of a dark room and a babbling creek on a CD. So, I have to come up with other alternatives.

So, here it is people, Katie's list of (appropriate) ways to unwind.
  • Take a bath- I'm not a "green" person per-say, so it doesn't bother me one bit that I'm emptying the Waukee water tower every time I take a bath. I like to, as my dad would put it, nearly sweat while taking a bath. Good stuff.
This is not the Waukee, Iowa water tower. I just thought that it screams "Iowa".
  • Spend valuable time on Pinterest- Are you all obsessed with this website as I am? If I was still in 4-H, I'm telling you, instead of the normal 12 projects to fill the Central City Achievers booth up with, I'd have more like 22 (at least) because of all of the cool ideas on that website. This website is mainly though just a great time-waster. If I need a break from work, I go to Pinterest. If I need inspiration, I go to Pinterest. However, because I'm on there so much, I get a little depressed because not one "pin" or "like" has been accomplished yet. I just found this saying to the right on there today and I really like it.
  • Make plans- My friend Mandy is getting married in March (hallelujah!) and I'm helping plan her bachlorette party. Again, another time-waster, but it's such a fun one. All I'm going to tell you is that it's going to be legend..wait for it...dary (for any of you who watch the show, How I Met Your Mother).
  • Eat out- Although it's never cheap, it still makes me warm and fuzzy inside to eat lunch or dinner out. Some of my newest favorites in the Des Moines area include, Zombie Burger, Latin King or Dos Rios. I'm obsessed with Dos' guacamole and chips! 
  • Buy something- Clothes, specifically. Except, thinking about buying something makes me think of Younkers, which makes me think of a high dollar gift card that is lost somewhere in my house! I dropped the gift card on my steps going down to the basement. I picked it up and I seriously blacked out. I have no recollection of it being in my hand nor have any idea where I set it. I've checked the garbage already, but I'm going to have to check again tonight. Man, I'm a blonde sometimes.
  • Drink (wine/vodka if you're not pregnant) or Diet Cran-Cherry juice. I love this stuff! When I drink it, I just make myself think there's vodka in it, lol.
Or how about his fun drink?  I'm going to HAVE to try it! Although it doesn't call for alcohol, it would be much more fun with:). Click here for the recipe.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and learn what you enjoy to do if you had all of the time in the world...

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