Thursday, December 15, 2011

You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace is it?

Ah.. Vegas. I love it. There's something about that city that gets my motor running. I think it's the happy, party attitude of everyone there. It also reminds me and more-so Jake, of the movie The Hangover. He kept reminding me of quotes everywhere we went, especially when we walked into Caesar's Palace:).

We got lucky this year and I won a certificate at the Bellagio. If you ever have the chance to stay there, I'd highly recommend it. We also got spoiled with two limo rides because of my winnings, so that was pretty cool.

I went for a couple of days for work and then Jake met me for three nights of the National Finals Rodeo, shopping and celebrity looking.

I'm not sure if I've really reiterated how I have a 6th sense when it comes to celebrities, but its true. Just this year, I sniffed out Cameron Diaz on spring break, Michelle Bachman (not a "celebrity" per say, I know) at the ISU/Iowa football game, country singer Jake Owen at Buffalo Wild Wings in Des Moines and now I can add Jay Z to the mix. Jake and I were walking back up to our room on Saturday night and I noticed a noticeable crowd around one poker table. I told Jake that "someone" or "something" was going on. So, we stopped and there was Jay Z. The security was nutz around there, so I wasn't able to prove my sighting.
One celebrity I was able to get a picture with and meet was Joe Beaver, which was the highlight for me. 

Actually it was a little embarrassing when we met him because Jake and I were walking through one of the Cowboy Christmas' when we saw him heading to this table to sign autographs. So, we immediately got in the short line. To get to Joe, we had to pass by Steer Wrestler, Dean Gorsuch. I really don't get jacked up for PRCA cowboys unless they're really big time. So, because we had to pass Dean to get to Joe, I felt bad for not asking for his autograph. So, when we got to Dean, Jake spoke up and said, "You can make it out to Leon and Joyce". (That way we didn't end up with the autograph). He gave us his John Hancock and we moved to Joe where instead of a signature, we got a picture. Anyway, Jake and I were walking away and discussing how we're going to break the news to my Dad that we got Joe Beavers picture (and could have got his autograph for my parents), but instead got Dean's autograph (who they're not even going to know). We were too embarrassed to bring that autograph home to them, so we left it in the room.
 I wish you could see my new, hot boots I got out there, but they're cut off in the pic. I'll have to show them to you later:).

Well, have a Merry Christmas!... and when I say Merry Christmas I mean it... no Happy Holidays crap!

I recently came across these balls of deliciousness at Chef n Training (I'm also reminded of the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit with Alec Baldwin on Schwetty Balls). Anyway, three ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese and chocolate...yum!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Vegas Baby!!

Well, Monday I'm off to one of my favorite places in the United States... Sin City! I'll be on work duty Tuesday and Wednesday, but then on Wednesday night, watch out! Jake will be arriving that evening and we have a fun-filled four days of Cowboy Christmas and the National Finals Rodeo. I've been looking forward to this week for some time.

I can't wait to see what's hot, new and sexy in the world of western fashion. This year is a unique week for women and fashion as I'm able to already post some new trends from Vegas without even being there!

The Miss Rodeo American Pageant is now underway as yesterday was contestant check-in. It was also a time to introduce all of the queens. I noticed a couple of stunning outfits that really struck my eye that I just had to share with you. Remember, what we're seeing on Miss Rodeo America now, will soon become western fashion in a few years. She starts the trends to what you'll begin to see in Drysdales and Ropers Supply. So, that's why it's so fun to be to start seeing what the future Miss will be wearing!
Love the hat Miss Wyoming! This is such a unique color and the popular, black band around the hat really compliments her dark outfit. I love this. I look forward to more colored hats.

Miss Colorado is the start to a few choices that I wanted to point out. Although monochromatic color is still the "queening way", take notice the continued trend to break up the coloring with a big, fun belt.

This type of style started to become "in" when the bling belts started to become popular. I'm happy to see that it's transforming to cute belts.
Ladies with dark hair, take note of Miss Washington... yellow is a great color on you! I can't tell from the picture, but with an outfit like this, I would have so much fun accessorizing it with chunky turquoise.

Now, these two ladies take the cake in my eyes. I LOVE the boots. I remember back in 2000 when I was in the queen contest at the National High School Rodeo Finals and the Texas queen rocked a pair of leather embossed boots over her jeans. At the time, it was a little ahead of its time, but now, it's a must.

Because the boots are their main accessory, notice how neither one have much other color anywhere else. This is a smart move. If you have fun, crazy boots, make sure not to overpower it with a wild print elsewhere.
I am a little disappointed with the color faded jeans on Miss New Mexico. Even though this portion of the contest is casual and blue jeans are encouraged, these are way too faded for the Miss Rodeo American Pageant.

I look forward to much more of the week ahead. If you have GAC on satellite, make sure to watch for me on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I'll make sure to wave at you while I'm at the rodeo. Have a great week!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Freestylin' in Pizza Ranch

We rarely go out to eat during the week, but for some reason the other night, Jake said he had a hankering for Pizza Ranch buffet (or buff-"ett", as my sister was call it). Heck, I wasn't going to argue with him :). He would definetly make my mom proud, as Pizza Ranch is her favorite stopping ground.

So, off we went to the Waukee Pizza Ranch. The Waukee location is one of the nicer Pizza Ranch locations around. I should know, outside of Jake and my parents, I've been to a ton of them! Jake and I usually have a contest to how many each one of us have been to by looking at their napkins, which have where every location is. However, because of Jake's travels with John Deere the last couple of years, he has surpassed me, so we don't play that game anymore.

When we walked through the restaurant to find a table to sit at, Jake sadly turned to me as we were walking by the salad bar and said that the ice cream machine was down. I'm not going to lie, it did deflate my enthusasim some, but then my eyes caught two glowing machines of goodness....

The manager was standing by these two alien-like machines with the colors of the Coca-Cola brand on them. Jake and I immediately got in line for who knows what. They are called Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. They take the place of the regular pop machines on tap. These machines literally have over 100 types of pop on them! They're amazing! The manager was there helping each person as they selected their drinks. It took a second to figure out the computer screen. They obviously, will stop the occasional 5 year-old from getting pop and spilling all over the floor.

Jake was boring. He just got a plain Diet Coke (even though he had 8 different Diet Cokes to choose from: Orange Diet, Grape Diet, etc.!). I tried a Strawberry Sprite Zero. Although I wouldn't get that kind again, I still felt like I achieved a great feat trying something new. I actually disliked it so much I wanted to get a new kind, but with the manager up there helping every single person, I was a little embarrassed to dump out my pop in front of him...stupid, I know.. :).

Although the Waukee Pizza Ranch is the first in Iowa to get these machines, they will be coming to every mall, restaurant, Taco Bell very soon. Love it!

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