Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Chic

I love talking about western fashion. What I experienced this last weekend wasn't "western", but it was something..

Through my real job, I had the experience of going to the Gold Cup in The Plains, Virginia. Wow, what an experience! It is an annual steeple race that happens once in the summer and once in the fall. I went because a company we partner with in DC had a hospitality tent with some of our clients.

The event itself was fabulous! All of the drinks, food and fun you could imagine all rolled into big hats and English boots.
I didn't know what really to expect. I had never been to a steeple race before. It's quite different than the rodeos here in Iowa that I've been to.
For attire, anything was a go. I took a picture of this guy to show Jake, because I thought he'd find it humorous. Although you can't tell from the pic, he had a crochet hat that looked like a pumpkin. Yikes! Although that picture isn't a good example of what most wore, a gal on the bus ride there said the event was "fall chic".
Most wore dresses with tall boots. Many wore hats and those were all over the board. Some were just cute, large flower clips; others were gaudy saucers and then there was the mix of the Royal Wedding hats. (I wish I could have taken a picture of this gal in the pink above, because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have seen me take a picture of her because of her tooling in front of her eyes.)
This is a picture of my boss and I waiting for one of the final races to begin. We actually brought two borrowed hats, but they were left on the bus. Mine was bright purple and Margie's was bright turquoise. They probably would have been just fine for the summer event, but they definitely weren't 'fall chic" for this event. So, we went hatless.

What I learned from this event, is that I need more hats in my wardrobe besides my probably 10 cowboy hats (literally- they're from my queening days) and my cadet caps I sell on KrazyCowgirl.com just for an occasion like this. I'll keep you posted on my findings:)

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