Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yeah For Farm Boys!

I got an email through an ag-marketing company the other day talking about this viral video on the internet that has been a huge hit. It's a satire, but it is also showing that the new generation of agriculture can have fun. I love dumb humor, so I found this farmer from California hilarious!
And speaking of good ol' farm boys.. how about them Cyclones?!!! From those of you not from Iowa, the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game every year is literally, a national holiday. Each state has the same rivalries, so I'm sure you can relate. Jake and I got lucky enough to fall into some tickets and I'm so happy we did. It was the best game of football that I've ever watched. It was exciting, went into 3 overtimes, it was sunny (so I got a slammin' tan) and ISU won!!

Jake and I even rushed the field.. everyone was doing it..:) We made our way to the cement barrier, where Jake jumped probably 7 feet to the field. There I was with a denim skirt jumping into Jake's arms... Romeo, I know. However, I never thought about getting back up the cement barrier. Once we yelled, took a quick picture on the field and watched the players walk back to the locker rooms, Jake attempted to convince me to jump and he'll pull me up.... again, in a skirt. I'm sure I was causing a scene saying that there was no way I was showing my sweet buns to 56,000 people. Then, some very nice older gentleman, said, "It's okay hun, nobody will look" and he pushed me up. Lordy.
My other exciting moment is when I noticed cameras over by someones tailgate. I told Jake that I thought someone famous was over there, so I told him, "let's go"! I wiggled my way into the middle of crowd and found Michelle Bachman standing right there. Although I don't have a picture, I shook her hand, said hello and kept on my way (my mom has to be proud:)). Jake thinks I can smell celebrities from a mile away (there was also an incident over spring break when I saw Cameron Diaz and nobody else did). It's funny really, I wish I could smell out more "real" celebrities, like Cameron and not so much Michelle... maybe George Strait, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock or David Beckham, you get the picture. 


  1. I love that you referred to Jake as "Romeo"!! Maybe he can teach Eric a few things :)

  2. Ha! He didn't really have a choice. He was either going to have to swing me around like Tarzan or not get to rush the field. :)


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