Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Talk About Weird...

That pretty much sums up my blog today.

The crisp, fall air remind me of so many things... sweatshirts, football, my birthday, our anniversary and Halloween. Jake and I always carve pumpkins around October to celebrate Halloween, but here's a new one for you, how about carving a pumpkin from a pear tree? (It almost sounds like it came out of a Christmas song.)

Seriously though, a story came out that a couple in Greenfield, Iowa are the talk of the town because a random pumpkin started growing in their pear tree at home. The story from KCCI said that there was a pumpkin that was found growing in a tree in Des Moines last year. What the heck?! Have you ever had anything weird start growing in places it shouldn't of?

I also finally have a few pictures from my dad's birthday the other weekend ago. Birthday's aren't weird, but the Soukup birthday's might seem weird to some. It doesn't get much more redneck than shooting guns, grilling hot dogs and karaoke (or ker-o-kee, as my mom would say)- oh ya, that's how the Soukup's have a birthday party!
My dad was showing my mom how to shoot his handgun.. talk about scary!

 We also had the Taylor Swift threesome putting on a concert during the party. My niece and two friends were singing their hearts out. They cracked me up!

However, one of my favorite parts of the day was dear Rhonda. She brought out the fake butt and used it to distract the men. Really, not a great idea while they're shooting guns, but everything turned out okay. Her boobs looked pretty nice too. I actually find it funny that Brad is bending over at the opportune time when I was taking this picture. And to keep with the "weird" theme... there's actually nothing weird at all about these two pictures. It's just Rhonda. Ha! :)

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