Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Much Kraziness, So Little Time

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of experiences and I apologize for not giving my readers a little more content to my posts. It started with a trip to New Orleans (notice the blur to the right). I was selected as one of the top 30 professionals under 30 in the country in my industry. I received a trip to Destination Marketing Association International's Annual Convention in New Orleans. I ate some great food and had a great time. I tried taking numerous pictures of Bourbon Street, like the one on the left, and they all turned out like this. I swear I wasn't intoxicated at the time...

I then went to Chicago for one of my best friends' bachelorette party. We all had a good time. I put in a few of my favorite, most appropriate pics below.
The crazy bride-to-be and me.
Gino's East is where we ate pizza on the first night. This joint has been slated as one of the best places to eat pizza in Chicago and has been on Man vs. Food. I must agree.. it was absolutely heaven. The place itself was pretty sweet as the ceilings, booths, etc., had graffiti everywhere. It's definitely no Pizza Ranch.

 This is not at the pizza joint (in case you were wondering, lol). However, it is self explanatory.

In between these two places, I was on the road judging more horse shows. This is the scene I've seen a lot of this summer... my hand on the wheel- which is great! I love judging, especially when everyone is nice and appreciative. The black, bling ring was a one-time Krazy Cowgirl accessory, but I still have a few rings in stock. Check them out here.

But very lastly, I have to show this hilarious picture of my oldest sister, Tammy. Unfortunately, she had a bit of an accident on RAGBRAI. If you're not familiar, RAGBRAI is the famous bike ride across Iowa that takes place during the hottest time of year. The entire ride is a little under 500 miles and around 30,000 people participate. It's nuts. Anyway, Tammy and her husband were riding one day of the ride and Tammy's bike got out of control after a pothole jumped out at her.

All kidding aside, she got pretty boogered up and she's lucky she didn't get more hurt. The light side of the story was what her colleagues did today when she got back to work. I loved the sign in orange that says, "Tear this down before we get here and we'll blacken your other eye!". Hilarious.

Until next time! - Katie

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