Thursday, August 18, 2011

Really Mr. Vegan.. Really?

When I say this, I'm reminded of the weekly Saturday Night Live Weekend Update's with Seth Meyer and Amy Poehler when they make fun of something so ridiculous... really...I mean, really...

If you've been following the news, a few days ago, there was a story about one of my favorite places on earth... the Iowa State Fair. The unfortunate part was that the story was about a vegan protest with the butter cow (again, I would say, "really?"). This story made world news for gosh sakes! You can check the story out here. Long story short, a vegan attached a small sign with tape on the glass of the butter cow display at the Iowa State Fair that read "Go vegan".

Before I go off the deep end on how inappropriate and lack luster this statement is in so many ways... I had to show you this article in an opinion section of a local newspaper in Vinton, Iowa. I scraped sections to give you a feel of how awesome this article is. It is in response to the sign posted at the fair. Although proper use of punctuation was not noted, the writer makes some great points that makes me laugh.

"Congratulations! Your feat was pretty impressive...." "However, I think you should know that by putting a piece of paper with tape on it on the cow carved in butter, you were putting a product from a dead cow on a product from a living cow."

"Butter only uses stuff from living cows. Paper, however, is made in part from meat by-products from dead animals in it. Many adhesives, as well. So the industry that you targeted with your protest actually provided you with the technology to express yourself."

"But that's not the only way you used meat by-products during your protest about the use of meat."

"If you drove your car -- or even if you are an environmentalist who rode your bike to the State Fair -- meat by-products made that possible, as well. The ball bearings that make your wheels move are made with inedible meat by-products. The rubber in your tires, too, has ingredients from dead animals. Face it, Dude: Some cow had to die so you could put your buy some paper and some tape, and go to the State Fair to put that protest on the Butter Cow."

"You like to say that as a vegan, you don't use meat in any way. Oh yes, you do. Every day. Lots of ways. You may not "eat" meat, and there's nothing wrong with that, although the thought of using soy products to replace ice cream seems rather nasty, at least to me. I don't think that "iced dessert made from soybeans, not ice cream" is a very appealing marketing tool. But according to both the meat producers, and Vegan web sites, just about everything you use every day has some sort of meat by-product in it. Here are just a few: marshmallows, gelatin, plaster, asphalt, insulation, lubricants, lipstick, hand cream, fireworks, buttons, piano keys, glue, fertilizer (for all of those vegetables you grow to replace meat in your diet), paper, wallpaper, sandpaper, combs, toothbrushes, and even violin strings. And I haven't even mentioned medical uses, especially insulin. It takes the insulin from the pancreases of 26 cattle to keep one diabetic alive for one year. So if you have any close friends or relatives who are diabetic, you may want to keep that whole "go vegan" thing to yourself."

If you think about it, this sign says a lot. It says how uneducated some (I said some) vegans are and to be honest, it's a little scary. I completely understand those who don't like the taste of meat or choose to not eat meat for understandable reasons. What I do have a problem with is the people who are ill informed about livestock, farming and meat production in general. Those people tend to be the louder individuals who puke information out with no backing and push this type of lifestyle on people.

What people really need to know is what these types of people and statements do for the backbone of our country, the farmers. With more and more people going vegan, it puts a strain on farming, livestock prices, the cost to produce other food and really, everyone's bottom dollar. There is always a trickle effect and pushing agriculture out of the United States will have life-threatening effects on our country and the way that everyone lives. Has anyone heard of the circle of life? Do you know why we're all living and breathing today? It's not because our ancestors sat a computer all day for a living and ate lettuce. It's because our ancestors made a living doing what they had to do to make our lives easier.

Whewww- that feels good to get that out. Do I hear an AMEN!


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