Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Not Here For a Long Time, I'm Here For A Good Time

One of my boss' dad passed away the other day and our office attended the funeral. It was incredibly sad, even for someone like myself who never met the man. I was tearing up and smiling at the same time as they pushed the casket out of the church because they played the Iowa fight song on the piano. At that point I thought, "Wow, how cool." It also made me think that maybe some are going about funerals all wrong and maybe we should all have our own, "Iowa fight song".

My dad has always joked that when he goes, he wants to be strapped to a horse and have someone let the horse go down the streets of Prairieburg, Iowa (I know, he's crazy, ha!). But honestly, as morbid as it sounds, I decided that I want my passing to be a celebration! I want to have a party, have cranberry and vodka drinks for everyone and this new song of George Strait's playing in the background.


Although, I don't plan on anything happening for at least 126 years (I'm hoping in the next few years they'll come out with a pill that will make us live another 100 years), but friends take note! I want to live my life now like I'm in a party and I want to go out with the partying continuing behind me.


  1. At Eric's cousin's funeral they also played the Iowa fight song when he was wheeled away and at my Uncle's Rick's funeral we all sang "take me out to ball game" to honor his love for all things baseball and the Yankees :)

    People come up with cool ideas!

    And even though I don't want to think about ANY of us dying, someday I will gladly enjoy a cranberry vodka at your funeral...that is if I make it another 126 years :)

  2. I know I get a kick out of reading peoples obits and it says...they died they are going to be laying there kicking and screaming and hollering.....I ain't ready yet!!!!
    I want a closed casket....and everyone gets all the cheesecake they can eat!

  3. Mandy- I bet that was pretty neat with those songs playing.

    Tammy- Yum...Can it be chocolate chip cheesecake?


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