Sunday, July 17, 2011


So, I'm a fan of The Jane Dear Girls. Have you heard about them? They're a new, country, girl group that just released their second song on the radio. A few weeks back, my sister Sara, (she's on the left of the picture and I'm on the right) won tickets to go see them at a bar in Iowa City. First of all, you have to know my sister. She's the luckiest person I know, hands down. She wins so often on the radio, she can rarely use her real name. It's crazy all of the gift certificates and concerts tickets she has won. It's a win-win for everyone, because she always ends up sharing her loot.

The Jane Dear Girls concert was at the Wildwood Saloon in Iowa City. It's a really cool country bar that has been having some big names stop by. They also have a mechanical bull on the dance floor during the week. Give me a couple of cranberry and vodkas and that would be fun!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part.. (if you're my facebook friend, you probably already heard this story). When we first got to the bar, we were making our first official loop to take in the place. I first spotted the main singer (Susie- black hair). She was on her way into the ladies room. I nudged Sara and without hesitation, she says, "I think we need to use the restroom". So, yes, we stalked this poor girl into the ladies restroom. The funny thing, is that she must have "had to go" because Sara was pulling out every type of lip gloss/powder in her purse waiting for her to come out of the stall. When she finally came out, Sara froze. I was standing there, by Susie's sink while she washed her hands. I finally said, "Well, we're big fans!" (like a complete gomer pile). She then, very politely said, "Thanks, I hope you enjoy the show." I then proceeded in a conversation with her about where they were traveling to next and how she said she never knows where they're at. So, when the band makes it really big, Sara and I can say we talked to her, well, sort of:).

Besides the fact that we stalked the singer and she was nice about it, here are a few other reasons why I like the Jane Dear Girls...
4) Since they're close to my age, it makes me think that even though I can't carry a tune, that could be me up there (ha!)
3) They're cute
2) I dig their voices/songs
1) Love their style!
These girls are your updated version of a country singer. They're hip, spunky and vintage. Although I think I may have had their bodies when I was in like 3rd grade, they pull off outfits that most can't and I like that.

And speaking of hot... did you guys catch the CMT Awards in June with Luke Bryan's Shake It for Me song? I'm seriously, still

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