Sunday, July 24, 2011

Western Flair

I was on checking out the latest PRCA standings. Since we're going to Vegas this December for the NFR, Jake has been wanting to keep up on who's in the running. On the PRCA website, they have professional cowboys occasionally blog. This last week, Steer Wrestler, Luke Branquinho was talking about Cowboy Christmas this year (rodeos over the 4th of July). He mentioned how his wife is now doing event planning. She's only on facebook right now, but she is doing some cool things! Check her out at Bluebird Productions from Los Alamos, California. Here are a few very cute ideas for a western themed party. I especially love the horseshoe idea, since I tend to think of myself as superstitious, putting a horseshoe in a home means good luck and I love that!

I also had to show you this since we're talking "western flair". You want to see amazing? Check out this calf roping run of Travor Brazile last January at a Quarter Horse Show in Fort Worth. Notice his horse does not have a bridle! It's insane. Oh, and it was still a 7.8 run.

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