Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spend Life with Who Makes you Happy, Not Who You Have to Impress

This week's blog is a blog of randomness. Probably because 1) I discovered that I've had something going on every weekend since the first weekend of March, literally and 2) I won't have a free weekend until the Iowa State Fair, which is a great open weekend to have! I can smell the corndogs and taste the ice cold beer at Stockman's right now.....yum.

So, with those things in mind, I decided to hodgepodge my ideas since that's where my brain is right now anyway.

Common Cell Phone UsesI liked this silly graph and it reminded me of Jake's new IPhone. He's got a flashlight on it that is amazing! We actually used it during turkey hunting. Which reminds me, I forgot to post that picture too... What a hunk.. meow.
With me talking about my blog all the time to Jake, he decided to make his own. If you want to learn more about hunting or at least pretend to, make sure to give him some love on his at 

My friend, Mandy (, had a really cute saying that I absolutely love. I think this saying now goes into my favorite things binder behind the saying "You Don't Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression".  

Sometimes it's things like this that put things into prospective. 

This saying is so great because it actually goes right back to my first statement in how there's never enough time in the day (at least on the weekends). But that's okay because I'm doing what I love! If I'm not rodeoing, judging a horse show, sitting at my booth selling jewelry, hunting or spending time with family, what else would I do with myself? It's good to be busy doing what you enjoy and living life to the fullest. Now, all I need is a glass of Cabernet and I'll be set!

Bottom picture: My Mom (she'll probably kill me for posting that pic), my sister Tammy, me and my sister Sara.

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