Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quit Hogging My Space

I love social media and have gotten into it more lately. Don't get me wrong, I write ridiculous things that not everyone cares about, I get that. But, what I really dislike (I don't like the word "hate") are people who write things on Facebook that are stupid. You know what I mean..."Going to the trailer to clean it out and then off to ride the champion", "I'm so busy today I can't wait to get home" blah, blah. Those are actually probably not the best examples, but those are two that are literally on my Facebook feed right now.

Has anyone de-friended someone because you are annoyed with their posts? I have and then they keep asking to add me again like it was an freak accident that they got de-friended in the first place! (Talk about freaking out... I thought the above picture of Jake and I at the Iowa Deer Classic with the cougar eating my hand was appropriate:).
Don Not Enter
I'm honestly not that cold-hearted I just think sometimes you need to sanitize what's not healthy in your life.

What this brings me to is this neat post I found about 5 Social Media Practices You Should Not Do. It's clean, concise and I dig it.

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