Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quit Hogging My Space

I love social media and have gotten into it more lately. Don't get me wrong, I write ridiculous things that not everyone cares about, I get that. But, what I really dislike (I don't like the word "hate") are people who write things on Facebook that are stupid. You know what I mean..."Going to the trailer to clean it out and then off to ride the champion", "I'm so busy today I can't wait to get home" blah, blah. Those are actually probably not the best examples, but those are two that are literally on my Facebook feed right now.

Has anyone de-friended someone because you are annoyed with their posts? I have and then they keep asking to add me again like it was an freak accident that they got de-friended in the first place! (Talk about freaking out... I thought the above picture of Jake and I at the Iowa Deer Classic with the cougar eating my hand was appropriate:).
Don Not Enter
I'm honestly not that cold-hearted I just think sometimes you need to sanitize what's not healthy in your life.

What this brings me to is this neat post I found about 5 Social Media Practices You Should Not Do. It's clean, concise and I dig it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spend Life with Who Makes you Happy, Not Who You Have to Impress

This week's blog is a blog of randomness. Probably because 1) I discovered that I've had something going on every weekend since the first weekend of March, literally and 2) I won't have a free weekend until the Iowa State Fair, which is a great open weekend to have! I can smell the corndogs and taste the ice cold beer at Stockman's right now.....yum.

So, with those things in mind, I decided to hodgepodge my ideas since that's where my brain is right now anyway.

Common Cell Phone UsesI liked this silly graph and it reminded me of Jake's new IPhone. He's got a flashlight on it that is amazing! We actually used it during turkey hunting. Which reminds me, I forgot to post that picture too... What a hunk.. meow.
With me talking about my blog all the time to Jake, he decided to make his own. If you want to learn more about hunting or at least pretend to, make sure to give him some love on his at 

My friend, Mandy (, had a really cute saying that I absolutely love. I think this saying now goes into my favorite things binder behind the saying "You Don't Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression".  

Sometimes it's things like this that put things into prospective. 

This saying is so great because it actually goes right back to my first statement in how there's never enough time in the day (at least on the weekends). But that's okay because I'm doing what I love! If I'm not rodeoing, judging a horse show, sitting at my booth selling jewelry, hunting or spending time with family, what else would I do with myself? It's good to be busy doing what you enjoy and living life to the fullest. Now, all I need is a glass of Cabernet and I'll be set!

Bottom picture: My Mom (she'll probably kill me for posting that pic), my sister Tammy, me and my sister Sara.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Western Flair

I was on checking out the latest PRCA standings. Since we're going to Vegas this December for the NFR, Jake has been wanting to keep up on who's in the running. On the PRCA website, they have professional cowboys occasionally blog. This last week, Steer Wrestler, Luke Branquinho was talking about Cowboy Christmas this year (rodeos over the 4th of July). He mentioned how his wife is now doing event planning. She's only on facebook right now, but she is doing some cool things! Check her out at Bluebird Productions from Los Alamos, California. Here are a few very cute ideas for a western themed party. I especially love the horseshoe idea, since I tend to think of myself as superstitious, putting a horseshoe in a home means good luck and I love that!

I also had to show you this since we're talking "western flair". You want to see amazing? Check out this calf roping run of Travor Brazile last January at a Quarter Horse Show in Fort Worth. Notice his horse does not have a bridle! It's insane. Oh, and it was still a 7.8 run.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So, I'm a fan of The Jane Dear Girls. Have you heard about them? They're a new, country, girl group that just released their second song on the radio. A few weeks back, my sister Sara, (she's on the left of the picture and I'm on the right) won tickets to go see them at a bar in Iowa City. First of all, you have to know my sister. She's the luckiest person I know, hands down. She wins so often on the radio, she can rarely use her real name. It's crazy all of the gift certificates and concerts tickets she has won. It's a win-win for everyone, because she always ends up sharing her loot.

The Jane Dear Girls concert was at the Wildwood Saloon in Iowa City. It's a really cool country bar that has been having some big names stop by. They also have a mechanical bull on the dance floor during the week. Give me a couple of cranberry and vodkas and that would be fun!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part.. (if you're my facebook friend, you probably already heard this story). When we first got to the bar, we were making our first official loop to take in the place. I first spotted the main singer (Susie- black hair). She was on her way into the ladies room. I nudged Sara and without hesitation, she says, "I think we need to use the restroom". So, yes, we stalked this poor girl into the ladies restroom. The funny thing, is that she must have "had to go" because Sara was pulling out every type of lip gloss/powder in her purse waiting for her to come out of the stall. When she finally came out, Sara froze. I was standing there, by Susie's sink while she washed her hands. I finally said, "Well, we're big fans!" (like a complete gomer pile). She then, very politely said, "Thanks, I hope you enjoy the show." I then proceeded in a conversation with her about where they were traveling to next and how she said she never knows where they're at. So, when the band makes it really big, Sara and I can say we talked to her, well, sort of:).

Besides the fact that we stalked the singer and she was nice about it, here are a few other reasons why I like the Jane Dear Girls...
4) Since they're close to my age, it makes me think that even though I can't carry a tune, that could be me up there (ha!)
3) They're cute
2) I dig their voices/songs
1) Love their style!
These girls are your updated version of a country singer. They're hip, spunky and vintage. Although I think I may have had their bodies when I was in like 3rd grade, they pull off outfits that most can't and I like that.

And speaking of hot... did you guys catch the CMT Awards in June with Luke Bryan's Shake It for Me song? I'm seriously, still

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My New Obsession

Last week I saw a story on WHO about Rescued Junk by Old Crow Farm, just outside of Des Moines, and this store is now my new obsession.
So you know a little about me, I'm into vintage. But think vintage with a farm/cowboy flair. I wish I had more of an eye, like my friend Mandy, but I know when I see something I like. It's just sometimes hard putting it together.

Jake and I built a new house almost two years ago and just recently a few final touches on it. Here a few pictures so you get a taste to what I'm into. Like I said, not everything are my dream accessories, but they get the job done.

Now, with that in mind, you'll understand why I'm now in love with this store: RECLAIMING RUBBISH: One man's junk is Kasey and JoJo Henke's livelihood. The owners take, what many people think is junk, and refurbish it as new. They have such a creative eye! They've also got a great marketing strategy as they're open only one weekend a month.

Last weekend, my horse show got rained out, so I had Saturday morning to check it out. Although I didn't feel comfortable snapping pictures of the goods, I did get a picture of people waiting, in the pouring rain, to get in at 9:00 a.m. The picture was taken at 8:45 a.m. and there were probably at least 10 people in line waiting for the doors to get open. It was hillarious! Once the doors opened, it was a mad rush into the store. It was almost like the day after Thanksgiving!

I found tons of things I liked, but because I had my Grand Prix, I had no idea how I'd get big pieces home (I told Jake that next time he's coming with me and we're taking the truck.). In the end, I settled on an old crate and a really cool, old seed corn marker. I'm not exactly sure where their home will be in my house, but for now, they're on our liquor table in our basement (notice we're running a little low..). 
Make sure to give them some love on their blog at Love it!

Lastly, make sure to check Hope Ann Petry, the new Iowa High School Rodeo Queen's blog at She'll be posting as she travels Iowa and the rest of the United States!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Years.. Wow!

Where does time go? It seems like the older I get, the faster time flys.

On July 3rd, five years ago, Jake proposed to me under the bright lights of fireworks. I was never one of those girls who remembered (or cared for that matter) for anniversaries of different types. The only anniversary to us that truly matters is our wedding day, and my parents' wedding day, November 24th. However, there is one additional date that I'll remember and that's July 3rd. Proposing one day before a holiday is perfect.

From now on, fireworks on the 3rd is a tradition. So for this July 3rd, we went to Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino in Altoona. They had one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen. If you live in Iowa, I would definently recommend hitting that one up next year. They also had horse racing prior to the fireworks, so that was also fun to take it.

Our friends Jill and Craig were there that night with their boys as well. Besides the show itself, two funny things I remember most that night.

1) Just as the fireworks began, Craig said, "How neat would it be if they had the horses racing while the fireworks went off on track... talk about a show!" Being a horse person, that made me laugh pretty hard to think about the horses going crazy, jockeys getting thrown off, etc. I guess some of us have twisted minds.

2) Jill & Craigs son, Hunter, is a uber Stars Wars fan. Still being in elementary, I was surprised he knows the movies so well. Anyway, since the fireworks were syncronized to famous movie music, the first song was the theme song to Star Wars. You should have seen him! He was so excited with his fist in the air and his little boy voice yelling "YEH!!!!" during the entire song. It was great.

Yep, loved every minute.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Love Meat

A few weeks ago I was reading an article in a women's magazine (I wish I could remember which one it was!) It talked about how their readers need to practice "Meatless Mondays".

Everywhere you look, people are trying to get you to go vegan. To be honest, it's one of the most irritating lies out there. The article influence readers by saying that 1) Meat is bad for you and 2) Animals contribute to the world coming to an end (AKA- greenhouse gases). Seriously, a cow's flatulence is deteriorating our world population? Give me a break.

A friend of mine of Facebook is a Doctorate in Animal Science and she regularly posts interesting facts. One spurred my attention this week. It came from I love this website because it puts everything in perspective. The only thing is that the people who should be reading this website, won't.

Anyway, it said:
"Animal agriculture contributes minimally to the production of total greenhouse gasses (GHG), according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The production of food animals contribute to less than 2. 24% of total GHG emissions. In comparison, fossil fuel combustion contributes to approximately 79. 2% of all GHG emissions."

So, screw Meatless Monday's. Instead, especially in honor of the 4th of July, stand with me for Meatlover Mondays!

So, although I am not looking hot in this picture, I had Jake snap a quick one as I'm gobbling down a juicy ribeye.

 And speaking of my love for meat and eating animals, make sure to check out Krazy Cowgirl's latest selection of purses and belts. I've got a really cute zebra purse with a cowhide star that is a must-have. Check it out here.

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