Monday, June 20, 2011

The Story of the Traveling Pants- Faded Style

This blog is going out to my three out of four devoted readers... 

To give a little background, one of my first blogs a couple of months ago discussed the latest fashion in men's western jeans. Well, one of the three amigos (mentioned above) schemed a plan and the other two followed suite. The plan was to purchase a pair of Faded Glory jeans and deposit the pair in my jean stack at home. All in hopes that one day I would pull out the pair and freak out. The plan was actually ingenious; however, it backfired.

A few weeks ago, Jake and I were packing to head down to Albia to the LJS Hunting Lodge. I was running barrels at a nearby rodeo and we were going to get some fishing done. My Mom and Dad also came down (mom is seen below). As I was packing at home, I noticed this weird pair of jeans. I immediately knew they weren't mine. 

You see, the weekend before, I was actually at home in Central City where I cleaned out a lot of my old jeans. For those of you who haven't seen my old room at home lately, it has been taken over by my mother. So, my old closets are now full of her clothing. Long story short, I thought I took home a pair of her own jeans. So, I brought the jeans to Albia that next weekend to give back to my Mom. 

Before we left that Sunday to head back to Des Moines, I made sure to give Mom her jeans back. She looked at them and then proceeded to try them on. "Huh", she said, "I don't remember these. I can still wear them, right?" I then proceeded to tell her that they looked a bit ridiculous, but if she wanted to wear them around the house, that would be fine.

So, long story short, the plan backfired because now someone is actually wearing the Faded Glory jeans. 

Good try ladies, good try.


  1. Well, maybe someone has too many jeans to keep track of....I am just saying......

  2. WHAT! Come could those trendy Faded Glorys look ridiculous on your mom. I bet she looked hot, hot, hot and I bet Leon can't keep his hands off of her when she wears them : )

  3. I am one of your devoted readers. BTW...when are you going to start having free giveaways for your jewelry, you know ask a question and the first devoted reader that answers correctly wins a prize : )

  4. Lovin' the comments and I love even more that everyone writes their comments as "anonymous". It makes everything for suspenseful:) Great idea on the giveaways!

  5. So who is that modeling those groovy Faded Glorys, is that Jaker?

  6. Love your blog! This story is GREAT!


  7. Thanks everyone for the comments!


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