Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here Come the Soukups....

There was some sad news over the weekend from Urbana, Iowa. A woman actually died after being attacked by a cow. I have some mixed feelings about this incident. The story said that the woman had her 23 month old grandson out with her and the family said that they’ve never had issues with the cattle before. Ok, seriously.... Growing up around cattle you know that even the nicer heifers will run after you when they have their calves. Then, to know that she had her little grandson in the same pen was also disturbing.

I don’t want to make a heavy story seem light, especially since this poor woman died, but this story does bring back some memories…

If you’re last name was Soukup and you lived at 5086 Red School Road, you’ll have some interesting stories about cattle. Between dad castrating the calves (and getting kicked to holy heck while doing it), dehorning (and watching blood spurt out like a squirt gun all over) and me accidentally shooting myself with a 3-way shot every now and again... it’s amazing none of us got hurt more. 

Then, there was tagging the calves in the spring. Boy, that was fun…ha! Usually one of the dogs would graciously come out to help too, which means the mothers are on charge-mode (example A, AKA Chance, to the right). For those that have never the pleasure to tag calves. It went something like this… Dad and I go out with a rope. I rope a calf and run as fast as I can to the nearest pole. I then wrap the rope around for leverage while dad hurries to put an ear tag in the calf’s ear. All while the calf is bellering for bloody murder. By that point, the heifer notices what goes on, bellers back and proceeds to take Dad down. Ahhh… good times.

There are also monumental stories on getting calves broke to lead for fair. However, I think that may be in a blog all in itself. There are too many crazy cattle stories. All I have to say is usually when our trailer pulled up at fair, you heard people say, “Get out the panels and move the children to safety, the Soukup’s are bringing their calves.”

I miss not having cows around. I honestly do. There were always good stories and they were a great excuse to get me out of school, since they were always out. I bet not many kids growing up in Waukee are late for school because they have to help their parents get the cattle in.


  1. Great post Katie, you need to share more stories about growing up : ) I hadn't heard about the woman in Urbana, so sad.

  2. I can totally see all the commotion going on at your house. hahaha! thanks for sharing :) By the way... I heard on the news this afternoon that the ladt WAS NOT attacked by a cow! She had a stroke! They did an autopsy and it showed no signs of being "attacked". I had to laugh!

  3. Was that a picture of George? :) Love your blog Katie! I'm going to have to read more! Just read two and I'm hooked... Hope you're doing well!

  4. Oh, my word...we could write a book on all the calf stories that all of us kids have tucked away.....far far away....All I can remember is Dad shouting to me....what ever you do....don't let go!!!!! I think I was on the ground more than I was standing when showing those stupid calves.

  5. Thanks for the comments! Miss D- the dog in the picture is Chance. He is a decendent of George. That's funny you remember him!


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