Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fishin' in the Great Outdoors

I love this picture below, because it just says everything on how our fishing went yesterday down in Albia...

My Dad got a dozen of worms and four of us caught 40 fish in about 30 minutes! It was really fun. You throw your pole in and immediately catch one. That's my kind of fishing! It actually got a little exhausting:) I shouldn't be too dramatic because my Dad and Jake were the ones exhausted. They took our bull heads off of our hooks and put new worms on. It was especially a chore because of all of Mom's fish. She was a fishing rock star- catching more than any of us!

And since this is a "fashion" blog of sorts, I probably should make at least a comment about that. Mom's boots were hot! Seriously! Colored rubber boots are all the rage right now. Have you seen the ones that they make look like cowboy boots? 
I think the ones below are cute. I just don't know where I'd personally wear them. If I'm going to get dirty, I plan to get dirty. However, I give a thumbs up to anyone else wanting to wear them! 

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