Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dress It Up

I don't think I can classify myself as an official "girly-girl". I think someone who ropes calves and hunts shouldn't apply; however, I'm not a tomboy either. I still liked to get dolled up and recently, I've been in the mood to wear a lot of dresses. My real job, at the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, requires us to wear business attire, which I love. I enjoy wearing dresses because they're easy and they make a gal look hot and feminine. When you think about it, you can get away with a more reasonably priced outfit most of the time wearing a dress since it's just one piece instead of at least two or three when wearing a outfit with pants.

Well, last week Jake actually sent me a text to check out a website he stumbled upon. First of all, I was so impressed he mentioned it to me since it's a website for gals. I must say, when it comes to ladies fashion, especially the stuff I'm into, Jake is my go-to man. He knows what looks good on me and what looks good in general. So, I value his opinion. He's like having a gay shopping buddy that is 110% manly/hetero at the same time:)

The website he told me to check out was Ignore everything on their website, except the dresses. has a much better and much more unique selection of accessories, but on the apparel side, they are profiling some hot dresses!

I'd love to have some feedback on the below three. Keep in mind that I'd be interested in a dress that I could wear to work (with a cardigan or jacket), while still being back to wear it with a cute pair of cowboy boots. Thoughts?

34504 Black and White Versatile Sundress with Flowers-
31036 Turquoise and Orange Print Kimono Dress-

30067 New Dress!  Great Design with Yellows, Blues and Reds Loaded with Crystals!-


  1. you should totally sell dresses and clothes. BETTER yet, you should open up your own boutique :)

  2. I agree Mandy.....I think she should buy all three!

  3. I really like the 3rd dress. The first one, too. :)

  4. Thanks gals! I'd love to open my own boutique. Maybe when I'm rich and famous I'll do that for a side job or maybe I should broaden my horizons to investors.... Bueller.... Bueller...? lol

  5. How does a man in jakes position just stumble upon a website like this. I would be worried krazycowgirl.

  6. A friend of mine posted on the facebook page for this website and it showed up on my feed. I thought the gal modeling was hot so I took a look :)


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