Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Cowboy's (Cowgirl's) Hat

Cowboy hat trends seem to change every 5 years or so. There's always a hot style for a while that usually fades. However, you can never go wrong with the basics: straw, black or tan felt. Of course, what makes or breaks you is the shape, but details on that are going to have to be in post #2 of hat rules.

In the queening world, you are never suppose to straw hats, so I think that's stuck with me. The only time I wear my straw is when the weather is really bad, which means two-foot of mud, snow, sleet and 30 degrees- all at the same time (this has seriously happened...Osceola rings a bell).

Anyway, a couple of years ago... I called it. I thought the new trend in hats would be decoration on the outside brim of hats. When I was running for Miss Rodeo Iowa, we looked into embroidering a brown felt with flowers to match a leather interview jacket. Although, we deemed it an impossible task for us at the time... have you noticed some of the latest magazines?
Cut Above 3X Pecan Tan Western Hat by Charlie 1 HorseBlaze of Glory 3X Cordova Western Hat by Charlie 1 Horse
Flash Back 5X Black/Zebra Felt Cowboy Hat by Charlie 1 HorseVoodoo 5X Black Felt Western Hat by Charlie 1 Horse
The zebra one isn't exactly what I'm talking about, but it's still the same idea. I do love the zebra brim; however, I've seen too many people with it, so it's not that different anymore.

Below is something you haven't seen much of yet, but you will:) I'm calling it now. For those around in the 70's, you may have had a bright red, pink or funky color hat. Well, it's baa---acck. That's from some scary movie, right? Anyway, a couple of years ago I saw my first colored hat introduced in the queening world. It's been a slow trend back in the mix; but I could see it taking off in rodeo queens. Below is a picture of Miss Rodeo America last year helping out with a pageant. I love how bold she is with the red and gold! I think if it's done right and sets your outfit off, I'm all for it!

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  1. I think the new trend in the decoration of hats will be on the outside edge of the hats. We seemed to be when you're running for Miss Iowa Rodeo, in the embroidery and saw brown with flowers to meet the match leather jacket.



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