Sunday, May 8, 2011

I found a pair!

We recently went to Long Creek Outfitters in Leon and I found a pair of jeans that I dig. First of all, I haven't been to the store in such a long time and I definitely suggest making a trip, If you haven't been. They have a great variety and don't have much for old merchandise .hanging around (like most western stores around here). Anyway, Wrangler has this new brand called Rock 47- look it up. They look just like Buckle's brand, but fit like a riding jean. I mean that when you sit in the saddle, you don't have a huge gap where your crack hangs out and the length makes you look ridiculous. They fit like Wranglers. I'm now a fan. The pair to the left is what I got; however, I look way hotter than the saggy bottom model in the picture. Seriously, is a 12 year old boy modeling this jean...? Puke on the model, thumbs up on them on me:)

Here are a few others with the Rock 47 name that I like:

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