Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Walk on the Wild Side

So, Jake and I had a great Memorial weekend. We went down to Albia to the LJS Hunting Lodge to take in the sites. Jake and Dad put up trail cameras, we worked on steps for the house and also took in nature at its best. Now, I don't like to think of myself as a "girly-girl", but there a few things that do gross me out.

On Saturday morning, Jake was moving the woodpile around so the boys could weed-whip and what do you know, he came upon a family of snakes. Yuck! There were three of these suckers underneath the pile. I wish I would have seen Jake when he first found them because I would bet my house that he screamed like a girl. He hates snakes more than anything! He did put on a brave face, yelled at my Mom, Dad and myself to come take a look and then he proceeded to cut them in half and throw them in the fire. (If you don't know by now, our family does not have a lifetime membership to PETA)

Anyway, since Jake dismembered and discarded of the creatures so fast, I couldn't get a picture; however, I did remember what they looked like and went to trusty, Wikipedia to find more out about them. See pictures below.

We found three of them in the woodpile, right near the house. The longest one was probably 2 feet long. There looked to be two different kinds- gardners and milk snakes. Even though Jake knew the red one was a milk snake, I was still convinced that it could be poisonous...Wikipedia said I was wrong. I did; however, find this handy-dandy phrase online about red snakes. I probably won't remember it, but I'll try...
"Red on yellow will kill a fellow, but red on black is a friend of jack."

Mysterious Milk

Greesy Gardner

Then there is story number two. On Sunday morning, our neighbor, who traps turtles, was down in Mom and Dad's pond looking for snappers. He and his son only found two smaller box turtles, but in the back of his truck, from a different pond, was a snapping turtle. He showed us and yikes was he a biggin! It's no wonder why they're decedents from dinosaurs.. they look prehistoric and mean! This guy was ready to eat someones hand! I did not try it out. I found it fascinating that this guy looked after 180 pounds around Albia- looking for turtles. He said that he ships them alive to China from $0.75-$1.50 per pound. The snapper below that he had in the back was about 22 pounds.

I was just telling my Mom how much fun it would be to have one of our ponds cleaned out so we could swim in it. Now, there is no way in h-e double hockey sticks that I would try swimming in their ponds knowing that these triceratops are floating around in them. Icarumba!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What are you... a loopie or a roughie?

Loopie= Calf roper or team roper

Roughie= Any roughstock rider

Now that you know that... take a look at these groups of hats and tell me what event each set of cowboys do.

Do you see some similarities? If you didn't... take out your glasses because there is in the hat. Each event has their own style.

Team Ropers tend to be pretty basic style; however they can be the wild cards too. You will always see that one team roper that stands out in style- whether it be in clothing or their hat. Britt Bockius (left) has a western, shoot-out style. What I mean is that his hat could also pass as a cowboy shooter- kind of retro, except retro in the old-west days. No matter what, team ropers tend to keep their front crease a little wider than normal.
Calf Ropers are the basic trend to cowboy hats. I tend to make my style like theirs. It's basic and looks good. Clif Cooper (left)  looks extra hot in his hat, but I think it's just because he's a cutie:) Joe Beaver on the right could use a little more roll to his crease, but he has a big head too, so I can see why he shapes his hat like this.
Bull Riders... are you surprised that this picture of Shane Proctor (middle) looks like he's going to kill you? Bull riders are cocky and everything about them says it. The current bull rider style of hats are nearly a flat brim with very little crease. The tops of the crown are also barely indented. 
Steer wrestlers are also very basic. They tend to have sharper points to their crease. If you notice calf ropers tend to be more subtle with their crease. Other than that, they are very similar and very classic.
Now you would think that bareback and saddle bronc riders would be the same, but they're  not. Bareback rider, Kelly Timberman, is a great example of a bareback riders hat. The only thing missing is a back view... in bareback riding, their hats are crushed in the back from their head bouncing on the horse. Their creases are very exaggerated and it makes you want to say "yee haw boys!". Take notice of his and Wade's below.
Saddle Bronc- Wade's hat will be closer to a bull riders hat than anyone's and that's because he rides saddle bronc. They're front line is wider and their tops of the crown are wider and usually circular on the top. (For those of you not aware... this is Iowa's own Wade Sundell- whoot whoot!)

Either way, none of the styles above are wrong. Just make sure that you're wearing the right look. If you want to look clean and classic.. go with the calf roper or bull dogger- it's safe and I won't make fun of you as much.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Cowboy's (Cowgirl's) Hat

Cowboy hat trends seem to change every 5 years or so. There's always a hot style for a while that usually fades. However, you can never go wrong with the basics: straw, black or tan felt. Of course, what makes or breaks you is the shape, but details on that are going to have to be in post #2 of hat rules.

In the queening world, you are never suppose to straw hats, so I think that's stuck with me. The only time I wear my straw is when the weather is really bad, which means two-foot of mud, snow, sleet and 30 degrees- all at the same time (this has seriously happened...Osceola rings a bell).

Anyway, a couple of years ago... I called it. I thought the new trend in hats would be decoration on the outside brim of hats. When I was running for Miss Rodeo Iowa, we looked into embroidering a brown felt with flowers to match a leather interview jacket. Although, we deemed it an impossible task for us at the time... have you noticed some of the latest magazines?
Cut Above 3X Pecan Tan Western Hat by Charlie 1 HorseBlaze of Glory 3X Cordova Western Hat by Charlie 1 Horse
Flash Back 5X Black/Zebra Felt Cowboy Hat by Charlie 1 HorseVoodoo 5X Black Felt Western Hat by Charlie 1 Horse
The zebra one isn't exactly what I'm talking about, but it's still the same idea. I do love the zebra brim; however, I've seen too many people with it, so it's not that different anymore.

Below is something you haven't seen much of yet, but you will:) I'm calling it now. For those around in the 70's, you may have had a bright red, pink or funky color hat. Well, it's baa---acck. That's from some scary movie, right? Anyway, a couple of years ago I saw my first colored hat introduced in the queening world. It's been a slow trend back in the mix; but I could see it taking off in rodeo queens. Below is a picture of Miss Rodeo America last year helping out with a pageant. I love how bold she is with the red and gold! I think if it's done right and sets your outfit off, I'm all for it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I found a pair!

We recently went to Long Creek Outfitters in Leon and I found a pair of jeans that I dig. First of all, I haven't been to the store in such a long time and I definitely suggest making a trip, If you haven't been. They have a great variety and don't have much for old merchandise .hanging around (like most western stores around here). Anyway, Wrangler has this new brand called Rock 47- look it up. They look just like Buckle's brand, but fit like a riding jean. I mean that when you sit in the saddle, you don't have a huge gap where your crack hangs out and the length makes you look ridiculous. They fit like Wranglers. I'm now a fan. The pair to the left is what I got; however, I look way hotter than the saggy bottom model in the picture. Seriously, is a 12 year old boy modeling this jean...? Puke on the model, thumbs up on them on me:)

Here are a few others with the Rock 47 name that I like:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bling Baby!

I went to get my ring cleaned the other day from Roger's and the gal looking at it scared the crap out of me!

She told me with one good "ding" of my ring, the solitaire was going to fall out! She couldn't believe how worn down my prongs were at the top. Apparently she's not used to seeing girls who actually do more than type at their computers and go shopping for a living. I know I probably shouldn't be wearing my ring out to work with horses or hunting, but I've got it to wear! Unless it's in my way, I'm afraid I could get it caught on equipment or I'm swimming, I'm wearing my ring. Am I crazy? I would think this is pretty normal is gals.

Well, because for the last four years I've been so used to always having something on my ring finger, I feel naked without something there. My other problem is that my mom passed down an awesome trait to us Soukup girls... we have some fingers! I wish she also passed down the small hips, but we can't be greedy. So, because I don't have another size 5 1/2 ring around to wear, I had to purchase one. So, what did I do? I went to Kohl's and bought the gaudiest, bling'iest, fake diamond ring I could find....

...and I love it! I may not get my real ring fixed after all!

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