Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Sound Does a Turkey Make?

When we were with our friends last week, they were telling us how their 3 year-old daughter argued with her babysitter because turkey's don't make a "gobble gobble" sound. She's right and if you couldn't figure out, her dad's a turkey hunter:).  If you've have ever seen a Lee & Tiffany episode on the Outdoor Channel or have a hunter for a husband... you know the hens make a screeching call followed by the Tom's gurgling noise.

This last weekend, Jake, my brother-in-law Mike and myself went hunting at the LJS Hunting Lodge in Albia. Even though I wake up every day for work, I am not a morning person. Here's how it goes:
4:40am- Wake up after just going to bed from watching movies all night with my mom
5:10am- Eat a couple of mini kit-kat bars and pile on the camouflage
5:20am- Walk with my 10 layers of clothing, back-pack and bow into the unknown darkness. I must add that there are mountain lions in Albia and there have been some seen very nearby. So, walking in literal darkness into the woods is not my favorite thing in the world to do.
5:25-10am & 3-7pm- Sit and not talk (AKA- fall asleep)

The most exciting part of it all is when Jake and I almost got swept down the rapids! Maybe I'm exaggerating a  little... but not much! Starting at 9am on Friday morning, it rained non-stop. The first time we had to cross the creek in the late afternoon, the water was getting on the upper part of our boots. Mine had a hole in them, so my hero, Jake, threw me across this shoulders and carried me across (macho man I know). On the way back up to the house that night, it wasn't that easy. The creek continued to rise and when we crossed again, it was up to my mid-thigh. It was cold water and I felt like we was in a Lassie or a Titanic movie. I thought at any second, one of us were going to get swept by the current of the creek! We lived to tell the story. This picture of Jake Saturday night was when the sun finally came out. Thank goodness I didn't get in the pictures. You wouldn't be able to see me under all of my layers.

In the end, Jake and I had a good time hunting, even though we don't have any bird pictures to prove for it. As we were walking back up to the house to go home, Jake had said that the bows are getting put away and the guns are coming out. So... to be continued.

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