Sunday, April 24, 2011

Live a Little- Start from the Ground Up

Cowboy boots..there are so many to pick from! I tend to wear boots a lot- just for every day. Most people think that they should purchase black or brown boots because it goes with everything. Well, you are wrong my friend. Basic is boring. I think it's important to have at least one classy pair that could be in brown or black, but it has to have some character. Whether it be real or fake animal skin print, a colored top or colored stiching, I think that's a must. Be different and live a little! Get a little color in your life.

Although I wanted to talk about color, we should touch on the point. As in the point of the boot. That's so vital. I know I've ragged on city girls glamor boots, but there is a place for cute, trendy women boots. Especially if you're wearing them with a cute top and skirt. So, I'm not opposed to toes with a point. Please just make sure they're not your only pair and that you're wearing them in the right enviornment. Here are a couple of new styles that have a shorter top and heal. I think they're hot! I also think the color and pattern has a lot to do with that. If they weren't $410, I'd buy them both!

For most all other boots, square toes are definently the way to go. They are still hotest trend in boots right now. (Even looking at the fashion boots above, notice the tiny square tip on the end.)

All of the boots on this post are from Lucchese (pronouned Lu-Casey). I love em! They also have really diferent styles and colors that you surely do not see at a local western store. Some stores do carry their brand, but limit the styles. I've got a pair of hot pink Lucchese's I bought at least 5 years ago and they're still in decent shape and feel good. So, you may pay a little more for them, but I think they're worth it:)

Love this color!

The basic crocodile boot is
always classy.

This is probably one of my favorites
on this page.

I love these last two because they're funky and
different. Lovin the faded look and details on the toe.  

By the way... HAPPY EASTER!

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