Sunday, April 24, 2011

Live a Little- Start from the Ground Up

Cowboy boots..there are so many to pick from! I tend to wear boots a lot- just for every day. Most people think that they should purchase black or brown boots because it goes with everything. Well, you are wrong my friend. Basic is boring. I think it's important to have at least one classy pair that could be in brown or black, but it has to have some character. Whether it be real or fake animal skin print, a colored top or colored stiching, I think that's a must. Be different and live a little! Get a little color in your life.

Although I wanted to talk about color, we should touch on the point. As in the point of the boot. That's so vital. I know I've ragged on city girls glamor boots, but there is a place for cute, trendy women boots. Especially if you're wearing them with a cute top and skirt. So, I'm not opposed to toes with a point. Please just make sure they're not your only pair and that you're wearing them in the right enviornment. Here are a couple of new styles that have a shorter top and heal. I think they're hot! I also think the color and pattern has a lot to do with that. If they weren't $410, I'd buy them both!

For most all other boots, square toes are definently the way to go. They are still hotest trend in boots right now. (Even looking at the fashion boots above, notice the tiny square tip on the end.)

All of the boots on this post are from Lucchese (pronouned Lu-Casey). I love em! They also have really diferent styles and colors that you surely do not see at a local western store. Some stores do carry their brand, but limit the styles. I've got a pair of hot pink Lucchese's I bought at least 5 years ago and they're still in decent shape and feel good. So, you may pay a little more for them, but I think they're worth it:)

Love this color!

The basic crocodile boot is
always classy.

This is probably one of my favorites
on this page.

I love these last two because they're funky and
different. Lovin the faded look and details on the toe.  

By the way... HAPPY EASTER!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Sound Does a Turkey Make?

When we were with our friends last week, they were telling us how their 3 year-old daughter argued with her babysitter because turkey's don't make a "gobble gobble" sound. She's right and if you couldn't figure out, her dad's a turkey hunter:).  If you've have ever seen a Lee & Tiffany episode on the Outdoor Channel or have a hunter for a husband... you know the hens make a screeching call followed by the Tom's gurgling noise.

This last weekend, Jake, my brother-in-law Mike and myself went hunting at the LJS Hunting Lodge in Albia. Even though I wake up every day for work, I am not a morning person. Here's how it goes:
4:40am- Wake up after just going to bed from watching movies all night with my mom
5:10am- Eat a couple of mini kit-kat bars and pile on the camouflage
5:20am- Walk with my 10 layers of clothing, back-pack and bow into the unknown darkness. I must add that there are mountain lions in Albia and there have been some seen very nearby. So, walking in literal darkness into the woods is not my favorite thing in the world to do.
5:25-10am & 3-7pm- Sit and not talk (AKA- fall asleep)

The most exciting part of it all is when Jake and I almost got swept down the rapids! Maybe I'm exaggerating a  little... but not much! Starting at 9am on Friday morning, it rained non-stop. The first time we had to cross the creek in the late afternoon, the water was getting on the upper part of our boots. Mine had a hole in them, so my hero, Jake, threw me across this shoulders and carried me across (macho man I know). On the way back up to the house that night, it wasn't that easy. The creek continued to rise and when we crossed again, it was up to my mid-thigh. It was cold water and I felt like we was in a Lassie or a Titanic movie. I thought at any second, one of us were going to get swept by the current of the creek! We lived to tell the story. This picture of Jake Saturday night was when the sun finally came out. Thank goodness I didn't get in the pictures. You wouldn't be able to see me under all of my layers.

In the end, Jake and I had a good time hunting, even though we don't have any bird pictures to prove for it. As we were walking back up to the house to go home, Jake had said that the bows are getting put away and the guns are coming out. So... to be continued.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Petty Action

For anyone who's had animals, you can relate. There are always those special ones that you'll never forget. At the Soukup house growing up, we had more animals come and go than you can count! My mom and I joke how we hope all of our animals we've had over the years aren't waiting for us in heaven because it might get hairy:)! From George, the three-legged sheep dog, Pumpkin who "ran away" after he chewed too many times on the satellite cord to some of our horses who grew old with us... there are definitely a few that stand out.

One of my fav's was our horse Petty. He taught me how to cut. For those not familiar with my terminology, I'm referring to the rodeo sport of cutting. He actually helped me win my first belt buckle with the ICHA. When I was in 5th grade, I won the greenhorn class beating out a bunch of adults. It was the highlight of my summer! Here's a video from last year's NCHA Superstakes for those not familiar with the sport.
Besides being a good horse, he helped my brother Joe and I get the National High School Finals Rodeo numerous times and participated in um-teen amounts of rodeo queen pageants. This last winter, our friends who last owned Petty, let us know that he passed away. With him in mind, and needing an example for one of my newest additions to jewelry making, I decided to make a pendant with him and I cutting. I think it turned out pretty well. I use a type of polyurethane glaze that actually gives pictures an antique look and preserves the pictures forever. The picture of the pendant is hard as a rock, which makes it waterproof! I've also attached a few other pictures I've done this technique with using vintage cowgirl pictures. Let me know what you think!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Do You Have a Concealed Weapons Purse?

April 1st-3rd I had a booth at the Iowa Horse Fair. They had a pretty decent crowd over the weekend thanks to Stacy Westfall. If you don't know who she is, you have to check out this You Tube video. She performed this run (without a bridle and bareback) and dedicated it to her dad, who passed away just before the competition. She's amazing and it makes me tear up every time!

On a different note, while I had my booth at the Horse Fair, I had an interesting question that I've never been asked before.... "Are any of your purses concealed-weapon friendly?" Unfortunately, at this point, none of my purses have a special compartment for your hand gun, but it made me think what a good idea it is. My mom recently got her concealed gun permit and talk about scary! First of all, her purse weighs at least 50 pounds, so if she did carry and needed it, she could never find it. That's why it would be handy for special compartment. Just to reiterate the size/weight of her purse, on two different occasions at Pizza Ranch, she's tried hanging her purse on the back of her chair (like a normal person) and the chair crashes backwards. It's a hoot! I tell you what, if you ever need anything.. she's got it!

The following pictures are from the Horse Fair. The first one is me, my niece and my oldest sister. In the corner is my dad. He's pretending like he doesn't know what's going on:)

To the right is my mom (AKA- big purse lady). All kidding aside, although her back will never be align, she currently rocks a sweet Krazy Cowgirl turquoise cross purse.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

There's nothing worse than jean shopping

Ladies... do you agree? I understand that trying to find something that fits suck. We've all got our issues. So, when you are looking for a good pair for going to shows, I've got some things to keep in mind.

First of all, I had to show you this picture on the right of a pair of men's jeans.. are you kidding me Wrangler? That's why about 10 years ago, Wrangler started the 20x brand- to stay up to date with fashion. Unfortunately, they're still making fugly jeans under their original Wrangler brand. There must be someone buying them. If I EVER see your man wearing these, I will de-friend you on facebook. I think the best part about the picture is that the "model" is wearing sneakers.

Cinch White Label
Men do have it a little easier. I love these next styles from Cinch. Not all guys need to be wearing baggier jeans like these, but I would push all guys to at least try on a similar pair to see what they think. I think you'll be suprised.

Cinch Carter
Above all... it's all about the wash. You should know that by now; whether you're buying a pair of jeans for casual Friday at work or for the rodeo scene. Which brings me to the ladies side. Gals, holey jeans are still popular, but they are definently on the downslide. I remember a few years ago my husband wanted to buy me a new pair of jeans from the Buckle. Of course, they had a nice hole in the knee. When I put my leg though.... chhhhrrrrrraaacc. Yep, that hole got a bit bigger and I left the store. Moral: too much hole.

Chrome Gypsy- Cowgirl Tuff
Midnight Rocks- Cowgirl Tuff
Here's my next issue with cute jeans, specifically these Cowgirl Tuff jeans. They're too dang expensive! We all get dirty, get our pant legged hooked on the trailer door, ripped, yadda, yadda. I'm not going to pay $80 for a pair of jeans I intend to get messed up. If someone would come out with a cute pair of women's jeans that would be reasonable, that would make me really happy. I'm still staying true to my 20x's until something changes. Either way, this is the look that you should be looking for.

Oh, and ladies with a big booty... be cognitive of pockets on the rear. Do you really think they make your butt look smaller? I should clarify...some actually can, depending on the location of the pocket and how big the square is. I'm just sayin.

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