Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here come the Yee-Haw's

For those who know my family, you know that I've got one crazy sister and two even crazier friends. I was recently reminded that they'll soon be taking over our house in May. Tammy, Rhonda, Lori, their families and my parents hit the big town of Des Moines for the PBR Des Moines Invitational. It'll be a good time, especially when these "special" gals get together. Anyway, with us all going to the bull riding, it reminds me of the spectacle I'm sure I'll be seeing.

What I think is hilarious are those who want to be real cowboys/cowgirls more than anything. You know who I'm talking about.... ol' Billy Bob who had his mom go to Theisens to pick up a very blue pair of original Wranglers the day before and Sassy Sally who comes out on the town in her pointy fashion boots and plaid shirt tied in the front to show the midriff. Yikes!

So for those city slickers looking for some basic advice. Here are a couple of tips:

I'm a fan of the bling belt over the shirt and jeans.
Notice the chunky jewelry and the burn-out long sleeved tee.

1) Less is better. Just because you're going to a "western" event, it doesn't mean that you have to break out your entire wardrobe of spurs, sliver toed boots (puke), hat, chew can, checkbook hanging out of back pocket, etc.
2) The latest trends in western fashion are not copying Dukes of Hazards. It's actually close to what you'd wear out to the bar. Here are a few examples. Just as a disclaimer... I have no idea who these girls are and they have no idea they are in my blog.

You don't have to wear long sleeved button-ups to look "in". And I LOVE turquoise ( works almost entirely in turquoise... just thought I'd let you know)

There will be much more to come in what to and not to wear for all occasions and when the PBR rolls around, I know I'll have plenty of yee-haws to use for examples.

By the way, for tickets to the Bull Riding in Des Moines, check out this link:


  1. My favorite look (that you always see) is a jean skirt, cowboy boots, and a flannel shirt that is tied up in the mid drift. It was everywhere at the Kenny concert last week...yuck.

  2. I especially love the girls wearing the midriffs, that should definitely not be wearing a midriffs!


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